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Item Ideas For A Silent Auction

A silent auction is a great way of raising money during your fundraiser. The most important step that determines whether the silent auction will take place depends on you securing the items which will be on sale. To achieve the best impact among your donors first ensure that the items during your silent auction are unique and memorable. For a first time organizer, there is always the challenge of identifying exactly which items are best suited for the fundraiser. Briefly explained are some of the top performing fundraiser items that you should focus on:

Travel related ideas

grhtjkyiyutyItems related to travel have always been a major hit. Donors and other fundraiser event guests are always ecstatic over an opportunity to win an all-inclusive trip to prime destinations such as the Caribbean or New England. The travel related ideas offer the guests an experience unlike just possessing a physical commodity. Some packages to consider are: all paid for trips, hotel stays, weekend getaways, airline tickets and much more.


The experience theme is always an instant winner especially when it touches on experiences or unique outings. The allure of traveling to a place one has never been before making such gifts worth looking up to. Top ideas within this category are such as museum tickets, cruise ship cruises, spa days, theme park rides, comedy nights and hot air balloon rides among others.

Sporting activities

Anything that touches on sports will be an instant hit during a fundraiser. Before the event do a little research on where your audience live so as to tailor your sports items to areas where most of your audience live. Top items within this category are golf outings, signed memorabilia, ski passes, opportunity to meet local celebrities and much more.


You can investigate whether your audience prefers rock, country or pop music. Items associated with music generate good money. You can offer concert tickets, guitars, music lessons, passes to the backstage, musical lessons, signed instruments among others.


Food related items are present in almost all fundraisers. Almost everyone relishes the thought of going out for dinner, visiting new restaurants, and trying out new cuisine. Top food related item are such as catering service certificates, cooking classes, gift certificates (restaurant), food basket among others.

Valuable Pieces

gnfumyi,ytumryIf you can lay your hands on exclusive jewelry the better. There are many people who are willing to part with incredible sums to acquire precious minerals. Ancient jewelry carries a sentimental value that can see you get incredibly high bids. Famous works of art are also regarded favorably during silent auctions. This can be paintings, carvings or exceptional drawings.

Picking the right silent auction items is key as this can determine the donor base your event will attract. If the items which will be showcased generated a lot of intrigues, there will be a lot of excitement which translates into more awareness for the event. Anyone who wins a particular item at the silent auction will associate this jovial memory with this event and will most likely make a return during the next auction.

They will help you run a successful silent auction by giving the bidders a list of the required items and how to go about doing the bidding process. You will notice that your donors will increase in bidding and also the whole auction will successful.