How rewarding is it to be a musician?

Music is powerful, and so is the musician. Wherever you go, you will receive recognition, go to new places, meet different people and have fun. And on top of it all, getting fat checks for every gig you show up for. Who wouldn’t love that?

Let’s have a look at some of those perks of being a performing musician.

See new places every time

You will travel a lot. And most of the time it is not on your expenses. Promoters will foot every single bill of your travel, stay and accommodation. You could sleep in a different city every day. Meet new people, see different cultures and love when you see people dancing and jumping to your music. It is just amazing where music can take and do for you.


The money reward

Of all the careers around the world, music ranks high in terms of what you get paid. For a single performance lasting for a few hours, you can pocket millions of US dollars. The more famous you are, the more money you will be paid for your shows. Looking at what sums some successful musicians take home, you will be surprised that they do not have bank halls full of their money. As long as you manage your money well, you will never be in need of cash for your entire life. That is one of the greatest rewards music can give to you.

You become a money management pro

Getting so much money could be a problem at first. You do not know where or on what to spend on. You just live for the day spending what comes your way. But with time you will learn the game of money management. You will know how much you are earning, the budget for it and save up for a rainy future. By the time your career matures, you will have invested and be assured of a solid financial ground for the rest of your life.

Getting recognition everywhere you go

Musicians are simply famous. Even small children know of them. You can go to a country thousands of miles away from home and still receive a standing ovation from fans. A lot of people know about your music and getting a chance to see you in person is like fans’ personal achievement. People know you, and that is something you can use not only to make your life better but also help those who listen to your music.


A chance to hang out with other great musicians

There are music greats everyone wants to meet in their life. As a musician, you have that chance to meet and interact with successful musicians. You can even propose music collaboration and feature in the same video. Hanging out with such cool musicians gives a feeling of importance and motivates you to get your music to the highest possible level.

There are lots of rewards of being a musician. From the money to the fame; you can have it all. But make sure you do not misuse these rewards, they come and go.