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The Connection Of The French Language With Tourism

A tourist is an individual who visits or travels to a particular country or place for pleasure purposes. The world we live in is made up of different cultures. Various communities in the world speak different languages. The country France, for instance, speaks the French language. It serves as an advantage for a tourist who visits the France country to be in a position to learn and understand the language. France is a developed country which has one of the biggest economies in the world. Tourism is one of the big factors that contribute to the vast economy of the country.

How is learning the French language connected with tourism?


For two or more people to be in a position to understand each other, there has to be a medium through which both of them use to understand each other. Communication is the term described for the exchange of information either in speech, text, graphic, etc. between one or more people. Communication is between a sender and a receiver. As stated earlier in the article, different cultures and communities speak different languages. For a tourist visiting a country which has a different culture, he should be in a position to understand the language of the country he or she is visiting. This is important because it aids in communication. Therefore, the answer to the question “How is learning the French Language connected with tourism?” is because of communication purposes.

The benefit of meeting more interesting people

The percentage of a tourist who understands the French language in France to meet new people is high as opposed to that of a tourist who does not understand the language. Tourists who understand the French language in France become more interesting, and as a result, people will want to approach such a tourist. People in a foreign country will also want to talk to a new tourist, and if the tourist understands the language of the native country, the conversation gets interesting.

Business opportunities


Learning French and you are a tourist in France is a Plus for your especially if you are a business person. Even though your clientele in the country speaks other languages such as English, understanding their needs and cultural desires may be a challenge as opposed to if you understood their French language properly.  A good business person who has Multinational Businesses is one who also has a vast knowledge of various languages. An English tourist could connect deeply with a French native if he or she understood the French language.