Understanding Your Child’s Needs and Talent

According to the popular belief that greatness is born there’s a contrary opinion to that in that greatness is all made. Great talent is not ingrained in a child DNA rather it is grown. Parents of talented children are reported to do the following; they encourage their child practicing the perceived talent according to the mother’s observation, they motivate the child and the also coach the child. The Northwood Preschool is one of the best in the United Kingdom. 

Some of the areas of consideration include, how the child is praised when they succeed, how they hit back when the child fails, how they respond to criticism the following areas when well managed helps the child with the growth of perceived genius. Thus parents assist in the neurophysiology of learning.

Examples of strategies that are employed in creating talented children;

gfgfgfgfgfgf56565Observe the little powerful moments that spike ignition; Practice is not a walk in the park.One requires to be passionate, persistent, have a love for what they are practicing and motivation.Research shows that we are born with neurological capabilities that the same as the hair on our bodies. When a child’s skills are intertwined with their identity, their motivation is fired up, and energy is released. The power drives a child to learn faster as compared to a child who does not have the same fire at a young age.

Know the role of practice in nurturing talent

Ability is equipped to just discovering. Getting the skill pushes us to the edge of our capacities, in the process of practicing we make errors that we correct and thus keep learning, the process is what is commonly known as dep practicing. At a young age, the children learn that making mistakes is not final thus they keep gathering information that is built to last them for a long time. Geniuses are simply kids who look at failure as a learning point and not a setback to their progress.

Realize that practicing slowly is also productive;

The slow practice technique is applicable in every talent be it, mathematics or swimming.When someone goes slowly, the person learns about mistakes and find out how to permanently solve errors that crop up. It is important for the child to coach them. It is how slow you can do it correctly not how fast you do it.

Praise  the child’s effort not natural talent;

hgghghghghghghghhgWhen a child is praised based on the natural ability, they take fewer risks as compared to a child who is praised for their effort this is because when the effort is appreciated the child puts more effort thus taking more risks making mistakes learning and correcting the errors.